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Švenčionių vaistažolės, UAB

Main information about the company
Address: Adutiškio Str. 3/Lentupio Str. 4, LT-18110 Švenčionys
Telephone: +370 387 6 64 70
Fax: +370 387 6 64 70
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Manager: Marius Raila
General contact person: Head of the Personnel Department Ona Razminskienė, tel. +370 387 66470
Contact person for quality: Vida Narmontienė Tel.:+370 52 71 33 32
Capitalization: LTL 20,343,003
Turnover: Annual LTL 4.1 mln
General information about the activity
Vision and mission: Development, research, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical preparations
Certificates: Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice
Competence: Manufacturing and marketing
Main products: Medicinal tea, nutritional tea, food supplements
Partners: Maxima, Iki, Rimi – Lithuania, Miežis-Arts – Latvia, Paira – Estonia, Arkopharma – France, Food Depot – USA, Lituanica UC Ltd – England
Partnerships: Ministry of Health, State Food and Veterinary Service, Ministry of Agriculture
Fields of activity: Development of pharmaceutical preparations and food supplements
Specialization by pharmacy sectors: Medicinal tea
Specialization by health product sectors: Food supplements